Saturday, 20 August 2011

Men in Short Suits - Eeeek!

I laughed OUT LOUD when I read Debenhams latest press release. They have revealed that 'Just William' style blazers worn with matching shorts are up 500 per cent on last year.

You might be forgiven for thinking that they are talking about childrenswear but unfortunately not. No, we are talking GROWN MEN - yep, I know(!)

Apparently if I was to hit the streets of London I might find myself staring at a fully grown man wearing one of these bad boy 'short suits' on public transport!! And this is why I have to say I'm soooooo glad to be a Northerner!! (It sooooo wouldn't happen up here)

But imagine hopping on the train and being confronted by a man in a short suit. I don't know... maybe it's a good thing?

Maybe if the youth of today were all dressed in short suits rather than hoodies then Britain might be a better place? I don't suppose the riots of last week would have looked quite so 'terroristic' if the rioters had been dressed in pinstripe shorts and matching blazers.

If you're wondering where this supposed craze originated, my fashion spies tell me that this look was spotted on the SS11 catwalks of Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier and Dries Van Noten - and much to my dismay has actually made the leap to the great British high street.

I'm told that these  'short suits' are so popular that they are available in all manner of fabrics and colours, from powder blue linen through to black pinstripe cotton. Nice! In fact, Debenhams went on to say that the most popular short suit has proved to be light blue (EEEEK, nasty!) 100% linen Jeff Banks knee-length shorts with matching jackets. Apparently they have been the store's top selling menswear product for two weeks running already! God help us!!!

Debenhams spokesperson, Ruth Attridge said: " The look was debuted by AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young in the seventies and eighties but it wasn't until recent shots of celebrities including tennis player Roger Federer, designer Henry Holland and The Only Way is Essex's Mark Wright (STM: Ha! Really? - that's hilarious!!) appeared that the fashion really took off."

Attridge continued: "For the daring few, wearing a short suit can be liberating experience, particularly when faced with the tropic temperatures of a morning commute. "A certain level of confidence is needed to carry off this style however, and avoid teaming it with a tie and cap. You don't want to look like Wee Jimmy Krankie."

Well said Ruth! - I take back what I said... Imagine hundreds of 'wee Jimmy Krankie's' looting the streets of London - now that IS scary!

What do you think then ladies? Are you gonna be buying one of these babies for you other half?! I want to know what you think - leave me a comment below...

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